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Soundwell Electronic Products (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.
A one-stop manufacturer of encoders, potentiometers and switches with a history of 30 years.

Our sincere gratitude goes to below companies for

their continous trust and support for Soundwell over the past 30 years.

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Why choose Soundwell?- Our advantages.

The domestic well-known brand magnetic core is used. With the advantages of high magnetic inductivity, high saturation current and high strength, the product performance is more stable.

Thanks to ourprofessional testing instruments and testing team , the quality problem can be controlled during the process, and your worry in use can be solved.

The Germany-imported 180 degree heat copper is known for its high temperature resistance, high-current, no short-circuiting, low internal resistance and no heat.

Provide professional customized solutions Our first-class R&D capabilityenables us to

Leading production equipment is introduced to make sure every single piece of our products remain precise and reliable

Production equipment Testing equipment Production workshop

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Cooperate with Soundwell  reassuring !

Cooperate with Soundwell reassuring ! Zhongshan Chen

Has worked with for many years or Soundwell, Soundwell product quality is very stable, cooperat ... [Detail]

Soundwell is trustworthy!

Soundwell is trustworthy! Foshan Mr. Zhang

Soundwell impression is: professional, rigorous. Soundwell is one of those professional work, h ... [Detail]

Soundwell products let me really rest assured !

Soundwell products let me really rest assured ! Shenzhen Liu

Soundwell product quality is very good, from a year ago to the present cooperation, product qua ... [Detail]

Soundwell good service, make people worry!!

Soundwell good service, make people worry!! Guangzhou Miss Yang

We have to say that the service is very good, the staff is also very warm, always for our sake, ... [Detail]

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about us

Soundwell Electronic Products (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

Specializing in the research, potentiometer, encoder, switch product design, manufacture, market sales in the integration of manufacturers, products is among the top of the industry, has reached more than sixty thousand kinds of specifications. Products are widely used in automotive electronics, home audio, multimedia, mixer, interphone, electronic toys, household, aerospace, military industry and other fields ...

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Rotary encoder connected to the PLC what issues need attention?
Rotary encoder pulse count signal is input to the PLC, the rotary encoder and the PLC connection process requires attention to what the problem?
Rotary encoder wiring should pay attention to what?
If the rotary encoder mis-wiring, the output circuit may be damaged, so when we give it the wiring should pay attention to what issues?
What are the advantages of the rotary encoder?
Why you would choose a rotary encoder? Rotary encoder has what advantage? This paper describes the use of the rotary encoder advantage
Increment type rotary encoder selection of what issues need attention?

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